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Dr. Lawrence J. Levy, Boca Psychologist

by drlawrencelevy - July 1st, 2009

Ask yourself, “What am I looking for?”

Maybe you found my site after searching for a psychologist, maybe you are feeling anxious or depressed, or maybe you are just going through a stressful intense period. As a licensed psychologist, I can help you find solutions to your problems, help you understand yourself and why you may have been repeating the same patterns for so long.

Whether you have been experiencing anxiety, depression, sadness, excessive worry, or you just have questions about your lief and goals, I can help.

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I am now an Aetna provider

by drlawrencelevy - July 31st, 2009

In an effort to better serve those people who have Health Insurance, I have applied to several insurance panels and now I am an Aetna provider. If you have Aetna and are looking for a psychologist, call me.


by drlawrencelevy - July 1st, 2009

Once, before I started graduate school to become a psychologist, I had thought the goal of therapy was to teach people how to be happy. It was interesting how we never spoke about happiness in graduate school.  I learned about anxiety, depression, psychosis, delusional thinking, but never about happiness. We did learn about resiliency, and creativity, but never about happiness. It was only after I had been practicing psychotherapy for a few years that I realized that when a patient comes in, we ask them questions to which solicit the patient to talk about their misery. We offer symptom relief, but what after that? I had read a book written by a psychiatrist who had interview the Dalai Lama. In that book, the author pointed out that the Dalai Lama said that happiness is a habit, and as such, happiness can be learned. Children, unless the circumstances of their lives are such that they are taught that the world is a dangerous unsafe place, are naturally happy. Many people lose the knowledge of how to be happy. They come to believe that they are slaves to their emotions. There is another way. Happiness can be learned. Emotions are signals from the unconscious providing information about how you really feel. Emotions are ways of communicating feelings to other people. Some people have emotions, but are not aware of them! So, the first step is becoming aware of your feelings. Even depressed people can have a moment of amusement or even happiness in the course of a depressing day. The art of happiness is to begin to recognize those small few moments, and gather them like beads on a string, and to begin to recognize other happy moments. Sure, you can live in an existential angst in which life is merely a proposition of misery and suffering while waiting for death, or you can seek and become aware of those moments which make a difference and which give meaning. If you practice that, you will discover that those moments are not as rare as you might have thought and you  might just discover Happiness.

Lawrence J. Levy, Psy.D., Florida Licensed Psychologist